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The Benefits Of Smart Locks For Businesses

Are you a business owner struggling to find the right security for your company? You can add security cameras around the perimeter and inside the property, but unless you have security guards watching the live streams, that measure is only helpful to identify the person who breaks in – after the crime has been committed. What you need is a good set of locks on the building. Nowadays, you can skip the standard tumbler locks and get something a lot more high-tech – and harder for criminals to get through. They're called smart locks and this guide goes over how they work and the benefits of using them.

Bluetooth Deadbolt

One of the options you can use is a Bluetooth deadbolt. The lock is the size of a typical deadbolt but does not have the standard keyhole that you would use to unlock the door. This deadbolt pairs with your mobile device and unlocks the door when you tap the deadbolt. Many of the newer designs give out unlimited free eKeys that you can use with the lock, making it easier for companies with a lot of managers or employees to unlock the door using their device. The deadbolt is as secure as a standard metal deadbolt so it is difficult to rip it off the door or other surfaces it's installed on.

Touchscreen Lock

This lock uses a touchscreen to unlock the doors it is installed on. They are compatible with many automation systems that are on the market today. If your business doesn't have an automation system, you would need to purchase and install one in order to use this type of lock with it. The lock works using a programmable code that you will set after installation. Some devices let you store up to dozens of different codes so you can assign codes to different employees, letting you know who is signing in and when. The lock does also have a keyhole if you use to use it, which can be handy if you forget your key code.


Smart locks are a lot more expensive than traditional locks, but they are worth it. You won't have to worry about someone picking the lock to get inside your establishment. The locks have a lot of unique features – some of them even include fingerprint options that allow you to place your finger against the lock and unlock the door. Others may have voice commands which register the sound of your voice and unlock. If you need help installing the locks, there are several commercial locksmiths that can do the job for you.

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