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Things to Ask a Locksmith When You Move into a New Home

If you have recently purchased a new place then you have a lot of things to do in order to turn that new place into a home you feel comfortable and safe in. Along with decorating it and making sure all its systems function properly, you may also want to call out a commercial locksmith to help you with all of our lock smith needs. You may not know just what those needs are as a new homeowner and that is where this article can come in and help. It will provide you with information on things you should cover with a locksmith in your new home.

1: have the quality of the locks checked 

It is crucial that you make sure all the outside locks are strong, installed correctly and of the best quality. Anything that is lacking with regards to the locks can leave your home more susceptible to a break in. You may look at the locks in your home and not notice anything wrong with them, but they may really be putting you at risk.

For example, if a lock isn't installed correctly then it may even be able to be opened easily, simply by sticking a credit card in the space between it and wiggling it. To the untrained eye, there may be nothing wrong with the lock, but a locksmith will see this problem right away.

2: Have your garage door and its mechanism checked

A garage is a weak area in most homes because of their location to the rest of the house and the amount of privacy they give a criminal while they are in them. This is why it's very important that you don't overlook the garage when you are going over the security of your home. Have a locksmith make sure your lock mechanism is secure and that the emergency lever is break-in proof.

The emergency lever is there so you can easily open the garage without using an opener. However, the problem is that a criminal who knows what they are doing can reach through the top of the garage with a strong wire and use the lever to open the garage door to help themselves to your things.

3: Have the sliding glass door locks checked

Sliding glass doors are also weaknesses with regards to home security. Some sliding glass doors can be opened easily by rocking the glass in the frame and getting it to come off the track. Once off the track, a criminal can walk right into the house. Also, if the lock isn't a secure enough one, then an experienced criminal may even be able to get in by jiggling the sliding glass door in a way that causes the lock to unlatch.

A locksmith will recognize these weaknesses and be able to replace the current locks with ones that make it nearly impossible for someone to move the sliding glass door in a way that lets them in.

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