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Three Ways To Prevent Being Locked Out Of Your Car

Whether you tend to lose your car keys or you sometimes lock them inside your vehicle, being locked out of your car can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent this problem. Use this guide to help reduce the chances of being locked out of your vehicle, and partner with your local locksmith service if you do find yourself unable to access your car.

Make Your Keys Easily Visible

One reason for being locked out of your car is losing your keys. You can make your keys more visible and easy to find in a number of ways. Glow-in-the-dark key chains are great for people who work at night or have to get up before dawn, while large key chains can make it easy to find your keys inside of a large purse or briefcase. You can even use GPS key finder tags to locate your car keys using a smartphone app. Consider using all of these options to help prevent lost keys when you need to get to your vehicle.

Set A Routine

If you sometimes lock your keys inside of your vehicle, rethink your routine for leaving the car. Instead of locking the doors from the inside control panel, make it a point to lock them with your key fob remote. Create a ritual to follow every time you exit the car to help remember your keys, such as checking your watch, putting your smartphone in your pocket, and then getting out of the car. Make locking the door with the remote the last item on your ritual list. You can also set an alarm on your phone that displays a message to grab your keys. Set the alarm when you get in the car, and choose the estimated time for your arrival at each destination. The alarm should go off about a minute before you plan to arrive as an extra reminder to grab your keys.

Enlist Help From A Friend

If you live with a roommate or relatives, consider giving them a spare key to your car. In the event you can't find your keys or become locked out, the person with the spare can come to your rescue. This person should be someone you trust not to take your car without permission. You may want to give out sets of keys to two people just in case one is not available when you have a lockout emergency.

Be sure to have the number of a local locksmith, such as A Carolina Lock Smith, saved in your phone. Should you lock yourself out of your car even with the help of these three tips, you can get the assistance you need to replace your keys or have the vehicle unlocked for you.