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What To Do When You Lose Your Car Key

So, you are locked out of your car and have no spare? Well, you can either be very nervous about it, which will definitely not help, or just laugh about it, as keeping a positive attitude is ideal in this situation. So, breathe in and out and think of a solution. Here are a few key points on what to do when losing your car keys:

Search for the keys     

Give a glance at the area near you, maybe the keys will show up eventually. This is why you must keep your cool. Do not urge into declaring your keys lost before you look for them in the vicinity.

Also, in the fortunate case your car is unlocked, do not forget to check if the keys are in the car. It might surprise you how you left them in the glove compartment or under one of the seats. Did you find them? If so, then you can consider yourself lucky. If not, keep scrolling.

Call the locksmith

Who could help you better than a locksmith? Maybe your dealer, but think about the costs… The difference is enormous, while the quality of the work is flawless when choosing the most appropriate locksmith to open the car or help with key replacement.

To consider: Before searching for urgent, 24-hour help, remember that your locksmith will need to know your car's VIN and the type of keys that you use. It might be a modern remote or the traditional type of car keys. Whatever the case, the locksmith has to know exactly what to create for you.

Find the most reliable and cost-effective locksmith that will provide you long lasting new keys, because quality matters!

Ask for a spare key

Make sure that the situation you encountered is singular and ask your locksmith to make a spare for you. It is a smart investment, and you know it.

Many people have encountered losing their car keys, and preventing it the best treatment. So, just like you have two or even more apartment keys you should also have at least one extra car key. Leave it at home or at the office or wherever suits you best.


Losing your car key is a common fact, but also recovering it. You no longer have to worry about spending a great deal of time and consistent sums of money to retrieve your new car keys. With the perfect locksmith, both the quality and price is outstanding.