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Had A Recent Break-In? What You Should Do

If you have recently had a break-in in your home, you may understandably feel unsure and unsafe in your own home. Rather than continue to feel that way any time you come and go from your home, there are steps you can and should take to protect your home from future break-ins and other security breaches. Get to know some of these steps that you should take. Then, you can begin to feel better and safer in your home as soon as possible. 

Get a Safe

There are always going to be specific items in your home that have more value than others. These might include the deed to your house, your car titles, family heirlooms, fine jewelry, and more. 

You want to make your home feel safe in general, but you likely want to be extremely certain that these specific items are protected. That is where a home safe comes in. Having a secure safe in your home means that your important papers and special objects will be behind an added layer of security in your home. If you want to take that even further, you could opt for a hidden wall safe to make it harder to find if your home is broken into again. 

Have Your Locks Repaired and Rekeyed

If your home has been broken into, it likely means that the locks were either damaged in the first place or were damaged in the break-in. As such, you should take the time to have a residential lock repair services company come and work on your door locks. 

The locksmith that comes to help you will be able to not only repair your locks and make them more effective, but they will be able to rekey your locks for you. Rekeying is the process of re-configuring the interior of the lock so that the old keys are no longer usable. That way, if there are any extra keys to your locks circulating around, they will be rendered ineffective, and you will have control over who has access to your home. 

Consider a Security System

Security systems are not as cumbersome and intimidating today as they once were. There are security systems to fit every home, every budget, and every need. There are, for example, front door doorbell cameras that can provide front door security for your home. 

These cameras detect motion and begin recording any time there is movement at your front door. You can also receive alerts to your phone or other devices so you can check your cameras live. If there is something suspicious going on, you can contact the authorities immediately. 

Other security systems are more involved and include door and window alarms and protection, automatic door locks that you can control from your home, and more. It all depends on how much security you want and need to feel safer in your home. 

Knowing these steps to take, you can start feeling better in your home in spite of your recent break-in.