Unlocking the Mysteries of Locks, Keys, and Safes

Crime Going Up In Your Area? Enhance Your Security By Hiring A Locksmith

If the crime rate is going up in your area, you might be scared for yourself and your family. One thing you can do to ease stress and make you feel safe is to add more security to your home, especially if you currently use no security measures. One way to do this is to hire a locksmith. This professional may not be someone you think about when it comes to security for a home, but they can help you in many ways.

Deadbolts on Doors

The locksmith will inspect each lock on your doors to see the type you have. First, a deadbolt is a must, as this makes it much harder for someone to open the door. The type of deadbolt does matter. You will commonly see deadbolts that have a twist knob. This type does not offer security.

A deadbolt that requires a key on both the inside and the outside is more secure. An intruder could not break through glass and open the door from the inside. You do have to ensure you always have the key available to you and other family members in case you have to get out of the home quickly, such as if there is a fire or other disaster. You could put the key in a drawer or cabinet that is close to the front door.

Another type of deadbolt is a keyless deadbolt. With this, you have to know a number instead of using a key. You enter the number into a keypad to open the door. You can easily change this number at any time if you think someone finds out what this number is. It is a good idea to change it periodically also.

Locks on Windows

If an intruder cannot get through a door they may then try to go in through the windows. The locksmith can help prevent this by installing locks on all windows in your home. One type of window lock the locksmith may suggest is a key lock. Just like a door, a key would be required to open the window.

There are also smart locks available. With this, you need to enter a code to open the window. You can also open the window using a smartphone. The lock has a sensor that lets you know the window is locked and closed. The sensor also shows you when the window is unlocked and open. You can set your smartphone to alert you if this happens. This way when you are away from home and you get the alert, you can alert authorities.

A locksmith an also assist you with installing a security system for your home to increase the security even more.