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4 Features to Look For With a Gun Safe

If you have decided to become a gun owner, you need to have a gun safe to keep it secure when you are not using it. When looking for a gun safe, there are some features you will want to look for to ensure you are buying a product that will keep your weapon safe and secure.

Feature #1: Space

First, you need to consider how much space you need for your guns. For example, determine how many guns you have and the size of the guns. You need a much smaller safe for a handgun than if you have a rifle that you need to keep secure. If you have one handgun, you need a smaller safe than if you have five handguns. Think about the size and quantity of guns you have right now and want to have in the future to determine the correct size safe for your needs. Often, the bigger is best.

Feature #2: Fire Protection

Second, you want to protect your guns from exposure to fire. Fire can make your guns, if they have ammunition in them, explode. You will want to look for a safe that can handle being exposed to a house fire for at least half an hour. Look for one with an ETL or UL certified fire rating; that will let you know that an outside organization tested the fire rating.

Feature #3: Inside Hinges

Third, when looking at a safe, the hinges should always be located on the inside of the unit. Interior hinges will make it very difficult for someone to break into your safe; external hinged safes are much easier to break. However, internal hinges do prevent the door from opening wide, so be sure that the door will open wide enough for your guns.

Feature #4: Lock

Fourth you always want to secure a safe with a strong lock. The best lock is an electronic lock or a dial lock. Electronic locks are easy to open and allow for a custom code to be used to open the unit. Dial locks have been around for years and are largely dependable. The only downside to a dial lock is that the lock has to be spun for it to engage again; if you forget this step and just close the door, it will not lock.

When considering a gun safe, look for a strong lock, inside hinges, and fire protection rating. You also want to select one that will have enough space for all of your firearms.