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Have A Commercial Door That Way And Jiggles Loose? Call A Repair Service For Safety Today

If the commercial door at your business is getting difficult to shut and open, and you worry this is going to cause security concerns, it's time for a replacement. You don't want that door to be the reason that your business is compromised, or have it be a safety concern in case an escape is needed.

Find a commercial door repair service to come to your property to give you a quote for the work that needs done and go over all the options for the door you want. Here are some suggestions for choosing a door that is as secure as possible.

Steel for Safety

Choose a heavy gauge when you pick a steel door for the front of your business. Not only should the door be composed of steel, but the frame that encases the door as well. A heavy steel door will be:

  • Difficult to kick or break into
  • Have a thick kick plate for safety
  • Is robust and durable over time
  • Can be paint coated to your liking for aesthetics
  • Is an energy-efficient option

The thicker the door the heavier it will be and the harder it will be for someone to try to manipulate or damage.

Passcode Entry

Keys can be a problem. Keys can get lost, some people can pick key looks, and changing the locks regularly over time can be consuming. Talk with the commercial door and lock professional about getting a deadbolt system with an automatic keycode. This allows:

  • Fast and easy entry
  • Wireless controls
  • Easy to change the passcode when needed
  • Lighted key code for early morning or late-night needs

This type of deadbolt is very secure, and you can get a multi-deadbolt locking system if you need to. Investing in the best locking devices for your door is well worth the cost.

If your door sometimes won't just all the way and you feel like the lock is loose, or if the door wiggles while it is locked, the door is compromised, and this puts your business at risk. You need to pay to have the door replaced and this needs to be done immediately.

Ask about having sensors installed so you can be notified if the door is opened or locked, and you can monitor who is coming in and out of the business at all times. If you are looking to get more secure and you think your door is a concern, talk with the professionals about your options.