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Business Owners: 5 Things To Do If Your Safe Won't Open

Different issues may cause your safe not to open. But regardless of the cause, you need to get back inside the safe as soon as possible. If you don't know much about safes, you may want to consider calling in a commercial locksmith. Below are five things you can do when you can't open your safe.

1. Don't Try To Override Its Security

Today, safes have high-tech safety features. Therefore, trying to override it can make the reopening process even harder. Once you try to override, the safety features can activate the penalty lockout mode, making it hard to bypass. Instead, you should ensure you know your safe's make and its safety features, and then get the serial number and contact a locksmith.

2. Check The Condition Of Your Batteries

Most safes use batteries. Therefore, old or dead batteries might be the reason you've been locked out. Check the batteries and replace them if they are dead. The batteries are usually located behind the keypads, but ensure you have an override key. If the safe fails to open, the problem might be somewhere else, and you may need to call a locksmith to examine and fix it. 

3. Don't Interfere With The Wiring

Some things are best left to the experts. So, if your safe doesn't open, don't try to undo its wiring, as you might end up making things worse. Stripping the safe's wiring will activate the manual lockout, which will be useless even when you open it. Therefore, engage a locksmith when you realize you cannot access the safe. 

4. Refer To The Manual 

The manual can be of significant help when it comes to regaining access to your safe. Depending on your safe, the manual might direct you to a secret feature on the keypad that might reset the safe to its original settings. This will help you open it using the initial combination easily. However, if you cannot find your manual, get the help of a locksmith.

5. Wait For 30 Minutes For The Penalty Lockout To Disappear

Your safe may fail to open if you have tried entering different combinations repeatedly. So, before entering the next combination, wait for a couple of minutes for the lockout code to release. If you are still locked out, then there could be another serious issue that may warrant the services of a commercial locksmith. 

There are many things you can do if your safe fails to open. However, the best thing to do is to call in an experienced locksmith. They can safely open your safe with their access keys and digital entry tools.