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4 Great Reasons To Get A Residential Deadbolt Lock Installation

Homeowners who want to get new locks might get overwhelmed by the plentiful options on the market. Deadbolts have been around for a long time and are known to be a good option for a lock replacement. Technological advancements have made it possible for homeowners to get smart deadbolt locks. 

Burglaries and home invasions are on the rise. Even individuals who live in suburban areas are at risk. This is why it is essential to have good locks. A residential deadbolt lock installation is a good option and defense against break-ins. The following points identify a few of the key benefits of these locks.

Savings on Home Insurance

Deadbolt locks can reduce the risk of home burglaries. This means that they improve security, which is something that insurance companies favor. Homeowners who choose to get a residential deadbolt lock installation could get reduced insurance premiums.

Durable and Secure

Locksmiths use special techniques for deadbolt installations. Most thieves know when they see a deadbolt installed that they will have a challenge if they continue with their criminal behavior. These locks make it difficult for a door to get kicked in. It is also difficult to pick these locks. Standard locks can be opened much more easily through means of picking the locks or using an object such as a credit card to slide past the lock and open a door. This is impossible with deadbolts.

High-Tech Options

There are a variety of options to choose from for a residential deadbolt installation. Some individuals may prefer a keyless option. This would be an ideal choice for individuals who are prone to losing keys. It is also a good fit for individuals who have children. There is no risk of keys getting stolen or lost. The locks open using remote technology, PINs, or fingerprint scanners. If there is a concern about a potential security breach, homeowners can modify their settings. For example, they could change the PINs associated with the lock. 


A residential deadbolt lock installation is an affordable solution for home security. Homeowners who have concerns about the quality of their current locks can benefit from transitioning to this type of lock. They are available at different price points, which means that individuals who have strict budgets can still get quality locks for their homes.

A locksmith is a good resource to use to understand how residential deadbolt lock installations work. They can help homeowners compare locks. A security system is not in everyone's budget. Individuals who are seeking a reliable and affordable solution to deter thieves can benefit from a deadbolt lock installation.