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Make Your Short-Term Vacation Rental ADA Compliant

More and more people are getting into the short-term vacation rental business, thanks to websites and apps increasing this type of lodging's popularity. Whether you are renting a room in your home, adding a self-contained suite to your property, or purchasing homes or condos just for this type of use, you may need to be compliant with the American With Disabilities Act (ADA). You can increase the desirability of your rental by working towards compliance from the beginning. The following tips can help.

Check the width of doors and passages

Standard doors, particularly on older buildings, can be too narrow for those that use wheelchairs or other mobility aids. To be ADA compliant, the door must be at least 32 inches wide. This isn't just for entrance doors — any doorway in the rental should meet this width requirement. Hallways must also be wide enough to allow for the passage of mobility aids as well as providing enough space for those in power chairs or wheelchairs to maneuver around corners or turn around in tight spots. For an older construction, this may require extensive remodeling. On a newer construction, you may need to make a few changes in order to become compliant.

Use ADA hardware to aid with entry

Making access simpler is key for ensuring ADA compliance as well as making your listing desirable. Installing hardware like automatic door openers and closers, as well as keyless entry systems, are useful for all guests regardless of their abilities. To ensure these hardware devices are compliant with ADA guidelines, such as making sure doors don't close too quickly, contact a locksmith with experience in installing ADA compliant hardware.

Provide ADA compliant aids

Finally, add some safety and mobility aids throughout the home. These include threshold ramps or stair ramps at the entrance. Even a low threshold can be a major obstruction for those in a wheelchair, and steps pose even more problems. In the bathroom, you can install an ADA compliant toilet, a walk-in shower, and safety bars. A fold-down seat in the shower is also a helpful aid that your guests will appreciate.

Investing in the accessibility of your property is always a good idea. Not only will it increase the desirability for short term rentals, but it can also increase the value of the property in the event you decide to sell it in the future. Talk with ADA hardware services to see what you could add to your property.