4 Steps for Safe & Smart Gun Storage

Whenever you purchase a gun, you need to know where you'll be keeping it. If this is your first foray into the world of firearms and you've just gotten a new piece, you should also be considering the following steps. 1. Purchasing a Separate Safe It isn't safe or wise to keep your new gun in a regular safe with your important documents and valuable items; a separate gun safe is a critical piece of equipment when you're a firearm owner. [Read More]

Five Problems You May Experience With Your Hotel Locks

There are all kinds of door locks for hotel rooms. Most of these commercial locks operate with some sort of card key. Some are electronic, while others only require that the key block and release certain tumblers inside the lock. Whatever kind of commercial door locks you have on your hotel doors, you will undoubtedly need a commercial locksmith anytime your doors experience one or more of the following problems. Door Does Not Recognize Any Card Key [Read More]