Make Your Short-Term Vacation Rental ADA Compliant

More and more people are getting into the short-term vacation rental business, thanks to websites and apps increasing this type of lodging's popularity. Whether you are renting a room in your home, adding a self-contained suite to your property, or purchasing homes or condos just for this type of use, you may need to be compliant with the American With Disabilities Act (ADA). You can increase the desirability of your rental by working towards compliance from the beginning. [Read More]

Had A Recent Break-In? What You Should Do

If you have recently had a break-in in your home, you may understandably feel unsure and unsafe in your own home. Rather than continue to feel that way any time you come and go from your home, there are steps you can and should take to protect your home from future break-ins and other security breaches. Get to know some of these steps that you should take. Then, you can begin to feel better and safer in your home as soon as possible. [Read More]

Moving Into A Fixer-Upper? Start With Home Security By Hiring A Locksmith

If you love the idea of working on a home to make it look and function better, you may get excited after buying a fixer-upper. Living in the house is the most affordable way to handle remodeling projects as you will not have to pay for an apartment or extended hotel stay. To protect yourself, the house, and the building supplies you bring inside, you should improve home security. Hiring a locksmith is just what you need to make noticeable improvements right away. [Read More]

Why Keep A Locksmith On Speed Dial?

There are just some numbers that you automatically know you are going to want on the speed dial of your phone. Generally, these numbers include the numbers of family, close friends, your doctor, your dentist, your vet, your mechanic, and your favorite take-out restaurant. However, there is another number that you should consider adding to your speed dial—your locksmith. Learn why having a locksmith on your speed dial can be a very good idea by reading the information below. [Read More]